Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

I am very grateful that the society has placed its confidence in me to spearhead what promises to be an incredibly exciting year for the Caerulean. I truly hope that I can repay your trust through providing you all with some excellent content over the coming year.

Before anything else, I would like to pay tribute to our previous editor, Dylan, a man of indomitable commitment and dedication, who’s lofty heights it indeed seems daunting to hope to reach. Over the course of his tenure, the Caerulean has gone from strength to strength, and it is to him that we can attribute the healthy state in which it currently sits. We wish him all the very best in his current adventures, and hope that he is able to come and have a pint with us again very soon.

In my attempt to fill the size 13 whoppers that Dylan has left behind, I shall endeavour to see through the policies I ran on during the election for the editorship. As stated in my manifesto speech, my principal focus for the Caerulean is expansion through increasing content output and awareness. As this is intrinsically a results-driven pledge, I intend to start work immediately to establish a healthy content backlog which will supplement our current affairs submissions. I truly hope that my successor inherits an energetic Caerulean that has a flow of content that is interesting, irreverent, and sustainable.

A key belief of mine, and a popular view amongst society members, is the need for an expansion of the range of content on offer. Politics, for better or for worse, permeates every facet of our lives. This demands that we, as politically motivated students, explore and debate our ideas from within an increasingly diverse range of contexts and applications. I would also like to stress that while the Caerulean is indeed the publication of the University College London Conservative Society, we are a broad movement and as such I welcome articles from writers irrespective of political beliefs or affiliations. In light of this, I extend my warmest invitation to anyone who feels as though they have something to say.

I greatly look forward to hearing your ideas.


Matthew Macdonald

Editor 2021-2022

Matthew Macdonald

Editor 2021-2022

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