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The Caerulean has just undergone some major quality-of-life improvements. We are glad to be back, on a new and improved website!

To celebrate the occasion, I would like to offer a look back at the history of the Caerulean: A story spanning nearly 14 years.

In digging through the archives of the Caerulean, I was glad to find that the articles from as far back as 2013 are very much alive and well.

I intended to give these old articles some TLC and featured them prominently on the webiste. Reading some of these articles in hindsite can be both amusing, and at times clairvoyant.

While browsing these old articles, in a post dated from the 2nd November 2014, I found an article marking the foundation of a new “UCLU Conservative Society” website. This website was intended to migrate the print-format Caerulean to a new online platform, to engage students in an increasingly digital world.

The Caerulean had been circulated around UCL since 2006. The Caerulean editor from 2014-2015 mentioned “standing out in the rainy quad with 200 soggy magazines.” It is now difficult to imagine that it was once possible to freely circulate a conservative publication around campus.

The 2014 article equally laments that the right on campus “struggle to get their message across” and the fear of debating the left. The 2014 editor launched the Caerulean to ensure that conservative voices are heard and, six years later, this is more important than ever.

The Caerulean intends to continue to provide an alternative voice on campus, to challenge ideas, and to spark debate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severly hindered our ability to spread a conservative message on campus. It is therefore crucial that we continue to fight economic and political illteracy on-line, combatting the hard-left which profits from times of crisis.

I hope that the Caerulean editor in another six years time will be able to reflect on this message and continue the society’s goal of spreading conservatism on campus.

Dylan Carter, UCLU Conservative Society Caerulean Editor 2017-present

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