Some good things our government is doing- Which you probably haven’t heard about!

Brexit has a problematic habit of engulfing the news. As a result negative press regarding the Conservative government has been all too common. In this article I would like to share some of the incredible things the Conservative government is doing, with emphasis on the work of the Home Office under both Amber Rudd and Sajid Javid.

Currently, our government is the world leader on the issues of modern slavery and child sexual exploitation. The 2015 Modern Slavery Act was monumental and now we are aiding additional countries in establishing their own legislation to combat trafficking and slavery. These issues need to solved by inter-state cooperation and the UK government is leading the way on the international stage. Our government has invested 8.5 million pounds in the police response to modern slavery, on increased victim support, and has put pressure on large businesses to publish reports and tackle slavery within their supply chains.

Child sexual exploitation has become a crucial problem for the Conservative party to tackle. Social media has allowed these crimes to propagate across international borders, therefore the UK government is making child sexual exploitation a prominent issue in the Home Office. Both modern slavery and child sexual exploitation are issues of upmost importance, with trafficking threatening a large number women and children in countries such as Nepal and India. I believe that  the work our government is doing is essential for the future wellbeing of all citizens.

The Home Office’s approach to serious violence has been worthy of great praise. The recent increase in knife crime has become a huge problem across the country. It has divided communities and brought senseless violence to our streets. The Conservative government recognises that serious violence must be tackled by addressing the root causes and implementing appropriate preventative measures.  Subsequently a new £11 million early intervention youth fund has been set up, alongside new centres for tackling serious crime and more funding for drug abuse and knife crime prevention. These new measures have been created through an in-depth year-long research program undertaken by Amber Rudd and the Home Office.

Equally, domestic abuse has now been proven to have strong links with families involved in substance abuse, therefore new legislation from the Conservative government -expected next year- will aim to not just respond to cases of domestic violence; but also to actively defend against it in high risk families.

Lastly, I would like to commend our government for their approach regarding gender equality. This year marks 100 years since women fought for their right  to vote and Theresa May has made it a priority that the UK will remain a world leader in the fight for gender equality. In the UK it is currently mandatory for large companies to report on gender pay gaps, which has already led to interesting conversations and changes in gender inequality. This marks a big step towards an egalitarian future.

Overall, I believe that it is easy for us, as voters, to get caught up in the negative press coverage during the Brexit proceedings. However, we must also spend time looking at the real positive impact our government is having all over the world. The UK, now and always, will remain a key figure in the fight for democracy and equality across the globe.

Written by Alice Rayner, Vice President

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