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Dear all-

Welcome to UCL Conservative Society and The Caerulean, our society’s weekly blog. We hope to see more of you at our events throughout the year, the first of which is our welcome bar crawl, on Thursday 8th October, meeting in the front quad at 7pm.

I would like to introduce you to a couple of things that UCL Conservatives does. Every week during term-time we have at least one event, which are usually events with a political speaker and refreshments. These are held on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, depending on the availability of speakers.

Another important thing we do is this blog, The Caerulean, which publishes an article once a week on Tuesday evenings. We like to write about anything that interests us, whether that is in politics or any other sphere, and regularly have guest writers. If you would like to write for The Caerulean, please talk to Matthew Schlachter, the publication’s editor.

We also do a lot of charity work, which starts each year with the Poppy Appeal. Volunteers from our society give up an hour or two to stand around campus with collection boxes, selling poppies and collecting money for the British Legion. If you would like to get involved with helping this admirable cause, or any other charity work that the society does, contact Jamie Irwin, our social action officer.

As a political society, we obviously do a lot of campaigning, both inside and outside of campus life. The university political year starts with the UCLU Autumn Elections in October, where we will be running and campaigning for as many candidates as possible. The successful candidates will help decide the Union’s policies, so it’s very important we run candidates for a political balance. Absolutely anyone can be a candidate, so if you’re a fresher, a PhD student or anyone in between and would like to be involved, please contact Paddy Mark, our campaigns officer. Paddy will also be in charge of running our campaigning efforts off campus, helping the Conservative candidates in the Mayoral and Greater London Authority elections.

With all the big life changes that moving to London and starting university can entail, we hope that UCL Tories is a little family in a big city for anyone looking to make friends. Socials are very important to our society, which is why our first event of the year, the bar crawl, is a purely social event. We do three big socials a year, the Christmas dinner, the Ceilidh in January and the end-of-year Alumni Dinner in April. Every event is also followed with drinks. If you would like to know more about our social events, then talk to Rai Gill, our social secretary.

Everyone likes stash, which is why our Vice-President, Jamie Glenister, has been working hard in creating UCL Conservatives ties and silk scarves that are available to purchase. These will go on sale shortly after the start of term so watch this space! Stocks are extremely limited, so buy as soon as you can!

You will have also seen this wonderful website, which is updated regularly by Ilham Mamedov, our website officer. If you are a computer whizz or have something you’d like to be added to the website, then please let us know!

Two more members of the committee who are crucial to the running of the society are George Mitkov, the secretary and Roland Mortimer, the treasurer. The former’s role is crucial in scheduling events, keeping in touch with other political groups and events in the area and keeping track of how well the society is running. Roland will be helping with everything financial, including making sure we stay within budget and managing expenses and receipts. You can’t have a strong society without a strong economy!

We are currently recruiting two new members of the committee, the freshers’ representative and the postgraduate and alumni officer. If you would like to run for either of these roles, then please come to the EGM; watch out for more details of that event.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful year at UCL Conservatives. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us. Otherwise, see you at the bar crawl!

Lots of love,

Helen Chandler-Wilde

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